I realized that I did not make anything for my cat, Lucy, for Christmas. Since she constantly chews up and destroys the toy mice that I purchase for her, I decided to make a toy mouse. I used felt to make the mouse and leftover scrap pieces of a t-shirt from my t-shirt yarn project to make the catnip scented insert.

You could use any type of scrap fabric you like to make the insert. However, it’s best to use fabric that has a little stretch so that you could easily fill the insert with stuffing. Also, make certain that the stitches are close together so that the stuffing will not leak out.

Here are the instructions for the insert.

Toy Mouse – Part One


a sheet of paper

circle-shaped item for the stencil (I used an expired coupon)



scrap piece of t-shirt fabric

safety or straight pins


sewing needle

small scraps of yarn, thread and fabric

dried catnip (optional)

plastic teaspoon (for the catnip)


Make the insert

Place half of the circle-shaped cardboard on the bottom edge of the paper. Trace a half-circle onto the paper with the pencil.

Cut the half circle. You now have a paper stencil for the insert and mouse.

Next, fold the scrap t-shirt fabric in half. Place the flat edge of the paper stencil along the fold of the fabric. Trace the half circle onto the fabric. Cut the half circle taking care to keep the fabric folded. Place the excess scrap fabric aside.

Sew the insert

Take the half circle fabric for the insert and pin the unfolded edges together. Take the needle and thread and begin to sew the half circle. Continue until you have sewn 2/3rds of the half circle.

Stuff the insert

Take the small fabric scraps and stuff the insert halfway. Then, add three teaspoonfuls of the dried catnip into the insert. Add more fabric scraps to the insert until it is full.

Close the insert

Finish sewing the insert. Make a knot with the thread. Trim off the excess thread.

You could just stop here and let your cat play with the catnip insert. I’m sure that your cat would love it! However, if you plan on using the insert for the toy mouse, then I suggest that you put it someplace where your cat can’t get to it.

Get part two of the instructions here.

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