I wanted to make a pair of earrings that complemented the braided pendant that I made a few months ago. However, I wanted to use a different color and avoid gluing the sides together. So, I settled on making orange spiral earrings by sewing the sides of the flattened braid together.

sunshine spiral earrings


The spiral earrings are lightweight and fun to wear.  They are a bright, sunny accent to a summer outfit.

I made two braids, then sewed and wrapped each braid around one of its ends to make the spirals. Once I made the spirals, I just attached jump rings and earring wires to make the earrings.

The spiral earrings will take a few hours to make. The most tedious part of the project is the sewing. It’s important to use a tapestry needle that is sharp enough to fit underneath the strands of the braids without tearing them. Also, you should make certain that there are no gaps between the sides of the braid as you sew the spirals.

Despite the amount of time it takes to make these earrings, the cost to make them is very low. You just need to have a few strands of yarn, a pair of jump rings, and a pair of earring wires. Feel free to use any type of worsted weight cotton yarn that you like.

If you like braided jewelry projects, then this is for you.

Let’s begin.

Sunshine Spiral Earrings


some of the materials for the sunshine spiral earrings

7 14″ strands (36cm) of Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn in Hot Orange


tapestry needle

2 7mm jump rings (not shown)

2 earring wires (not shown)


Dimensions (approximate): 1” diameter (2.5cm)



Make the braids

Tie 3 strands of yarn together at one end, leaving a 1” (2.5cm) tail.

Separate the strands, then begin braiding the strands making certain that you keep the tension even.

Continue until the braid is approximately 8” (20cm). Make another knot.

Cut the excess yarn from one end of the braid. Flatten the braid, then place it aside.

Repeat with the other 3 strands of yarn, then place that braid aside.

Make the spirals

Take the remaining 14″ strand of yarn and divide the plies in half so that you have two sets of 2-ply thread. Thread the tapestry needle with one of the sets of 2-ply thread.

Press the knot against the side of the braid. Begin to sew by connecting the side of the knot with the side of the braid. Insert the needle through a couple of strands of the braids. Pull the thread through these strands.


Make a whip stitch by bringing the thread over the side of the braid, then down through the knot. Wrap the braided cord around the center. Make another whip stitch.

circle that is the center of the spiral for the sunshine spiral earrings

Continue in this pattern until you reach the end of the cord, then sew the knot against the side of the spiral. Trim the excess thread and the tassel. Repeat with the other braid.

Soak the spirals in a capful of white vinegar diluted in a bowl of water for approximately 10 minutes. Rinse the spirals, then allow to air dry.

When the spirals are completely dry, lay them on a table horizontally.

Turn the spirals into earrings

Open a jump ring then attach it through the knot of one of the spirals. Attach one of the earring wires to the jump ring. Close the jump ring. Repeat with the other spiral.

Enjoy your new spiral earrings.

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