My sleep mask has seen better days. It’s worn, dirty and missing an elastic band. I tried to fix it by cutting and sewing an elastic hair band on either end of the mask.


However, it was too tight around my head. Dismayed by the results, I decided to do the most logical thing: make a new one.

I rummaged through my craft materials to see if I had anything suitable for a sleep mask. I noticed that I had extra black felt and plenty of scrap pieces of fabric waiting to be used.  However, I did not have an elastic band. I wanted an elastic band that was wider than the one on my old mask. Rather than going to the craft store, I decided to buy thick headbands and use one of them as the elastic band for the sleep mask.

Once I had all of the materials together, I was able to make the new sleep mask within a day. I was surprised that I was able to complete it so quickly.

sleep mask

If you’re in need of a sleep mask, why not try making one following the instructions below.

Sleep Mask


1 sheet black felt


1 piece of cardboard

old sleep mask

Clover Chaco Liner Marker in white

1 pair of heavy duty scissors

1 pair of fabric scissors

scrap fabric (for stuffing)


black thread

safety or straight pins

elastic band


Cut the felt pieces

Trace the old sleep mask onto the cardboard with the pencil. Cut the stencil with the heavy duty scissors.

Take the stencil and trace it onto the felt fabric with the chalk marker. Cut the felt with the fabric scissors. Repeat. You should now have two pieces of felt.

Sew the headband

Place the elastic headband on a table right side up. Take one piece of the felt and place it smooth side up (i.e. front) within the headband. Take the other piece of the felt and place it on top of the headband dull side up (i.e. back).

Pin the headband onto each end of the mask. Make certain that the pin goes through both layers of the mask.

Turn around the mask right side up. Try on the mask to make certain that the elastic headband fits snug, not tight, around your head. If it does not fit, adjust accordingly.

Turn around the mask to the wrong side. Sew the headband onto each end of the mask making certain that you sew through both layers of the mask.

Sew the sleep mask

Next, pin the bottom edge and top corners of the mask with the safety pins. Sew the mask starting from the bottom. Continue sewing until you reach the top right corner.

Stuff the sleep mask

Turn the mask right side out. Fill the mask with the scrap fabric until it feels comfortable to your eyes. Finish sewing the mask.

Here I am wearing my new sleep mask:


It’s a bit small, but it completely blocks out the light. Now, I’m able to get a good night’s sleep.  

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