I’m still obsessed with earrings, so I made a pair of silver fringe earrings.

silver fringe earrings

I wanted to make a pair of earrings that looked elegant and glamorous without spending a lot of money on materials. After much experimentation, I decided to make earrings featuring a fringe of silver chain.

I only spent around $10 for the materials (this was after using a coupon at Michaels), including the 5-foot strand of silver-plated chain. You could make a couple of pairs of earrings with a strand of chain and still have extra for another project.

The instructions for the silver earrings are quite simple. You only need to cut small pieces of chain, then string them onto a jump ring. I used oval jump rings, but you could also use round jump rings for the earrings.

The silver fringe earrings took about an hour to make, so you could take care of your Christmas gift list by making a few pairs in one afternoon.

Here are the instructions.

Silver Fringe Earrings


materials for silver fringe earrings

1 5-foot strand of silver-plated curb chain (or any type of lightweight chain)
6 7mm silver-plated oval jump rings
1 silver-plated eye pin or a sewing needle (to hold the strands of chain)
1 pair silver-plated earring wires
1 pair rubber earring backs


tools for silver fringe earrings

1 pair wire cutters
1 pair flat nose pliers
1 pair bent nose pliers
ruler (optional)


Cut the chain

Measure a 2.4cm (⅞”) piece of chain. Cut the piece, then string it onto the eye pin.

String the strand of chain onto the eye pin. Measure then cut another piece of chain so that the length is even with the piece next to it. Continue until you have 10 pieces of chain.

Make the earrings

Next, open a jump ring. String five pieces of chain onto the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

Rotate the jump ring so that it is in a vertical (i.e. portrait) position.

close up of fringe on jump ring

Open another jump ring. Attach it to the earring. Close the jump ring.

Open a third jump ring. Attach the earring on one side and the earring wire on the other side. Close the jump ring.

one earring completed


Now that you have completed one earring, make the other one following the instructions above.

Your earrings should look like this:

close up of silver fringe earrings

Place them on your ears and attach some rubber earring backs to prevent them from slipping off. Enjoy!

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