I like the look of delicate necklaces, especially bar necklaces. You could wear these alone or layered with other delicate necklaces. Since I have a ton of seed beads, I decided to make a seed bead bar necklace.

close up of seed bead bar necklace on display

The necklace is not difficult to make. You just need to make a loop with an eye pin, then attach chain, jump rings and a clasp to finish the necklace. It should only take about 30-45 minutes to make the necklace.

If you plan to make several necklaces, make all of the seed bead bars at once, then finish each one. This should reduce the amount of time it would take to make them.

The seed bead bar necklace is a great Mother’s Day gift. Make and give layered sets of different lengths and widths.

Here are the instructions:

Seed Bead Bar Necklace


materials for the seed bead bar necklace

11 6/0 Czech seed beads in red

1 1.5” gold-plated eye pin

2 12” pieces of gold-plated chain

2 4mm or 6mm gold-plated jump rings

1 gold-plated spring clasp

1 pair round nose pliers

1 pair flat nose pliers

1 pair bent nose pliers


Make the beaded bar

String the seed beads through the eye pin.

seed beads strung onto eye pin for the seed bead bar necklace

Take the round nose pliers and bend the tip of the eye pin at an angle.

bend tip of eye pin

Next, make a loop in the opposite direction of the bent angle. Round off the loop with the pliers, but do not close the loop.

make loop at tip of eye pin

Attach the chain

Attach one of the chain pieces to the loop that you just made. Close the loop by tucking the end as close to the base of the loop as possible. Open the loop on the opposite end of the eye pin, then attach the other chain piece. Close the loop.

Finish the necklace

Attach a jump ring to one of the chain pieces. Attach clasp to the other jump ring, then attach that jump ring to the other chain piece.

Your necklace should look like this:

clasp attached to the seed bead bar necklace

Wear it with a casual top or dress. Layer it with your other delicate necklaces. Enjoy!

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