Braided T-Shirt Yarn Basket

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I had some braided t-shirt yarn lying around – actually, tons of it – when I decided to make something with them. Rather than knitting the yarn into a basket, I decided to wrap the yarn into a braided t-shirt yarn basket. The braided t-shirt yarn basket is great for storing crafting materials, decorative items, […]

Sunshine Spiral Crossbody Purse

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When I made the sunshine spiral clutch purse, I realized that it was too small. I needed a purse that allowed me to be hands-free, so I made a sunshine spiral crossbody purse. The crossbody purse is bright, bold and shaped in a braided spiral.  It has a long strap that you could wear across […]

Sunshine Spiral Clutch Purse

Sunshine Spiral Clutch Purse - frontRead more

I wanted to continue exploring braided spirals after making the sunshine spiral earrings. After much experimentation, I decided to make a purse – the sunshine spiral clutch purse, to be exact. It took me a long time to figure out the design for the sunshine spiral purse. Making the braids and spirals was not difficult. […]

Sunshine Spiral Earrings

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I wanted to make a pair of earrings that complemented the braided pendant that I made a few months ago. However, I wanted to use a different color and avoid gluing the sides together. So, I settled on making orange spiral earrings by sewing the sides of the flattened braid together.   The spiral earrings are […]

Braided Pendant

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(Subscribers, click here for your free PDF download)   I was toying with the idea of making a braided pendant, but I wasn’t certain that I could pull it off. Finally, I took the plunge and made one. I made the braided pendant in the same manner as the swirl coaster, except that I braided […]