I wanted to make something fun and a little bit whimsical this week, so I made a pair of bright red pom pom earrings. Yeah, I know they’re a little cheesy, but they’re fun to wear.

pom-pom earrings (portrait)

I made the pom-poms out of yarn leftover from the striped garter stitch dishcloth project. Then, I inserted headpins and eyepins into the pom-poms before connecting them with jump rings. Other than making the pom-poms, the project was quite easy. You could make it easier for yourself by using ready-made pom-poms sold at various craft stores.

Since I already had all of the materials and tools for the pom-pom earrings, I did not have to spend extra money to make the pom-pom earrings. However, if you decide to buy your pom-poms, then your cost will be higher.

I spent 40 minutes making the pom-pom earrings (excluding the time it took to make the pom-poms), so these took no time to make. You could make a few pairs during the Thanksgiving weekend to stuff in some Christmas stockings.

So, if you want to make something cheery and fun, then pom pom earrings are for you.

Here are the instructions:

Pom Pom Earrings

Materials and Tools


materials and tools for the pom-pom earrings

2 small pom-poms

2 medium pom-poms

2 1” gold-plated headpins

2 ¾” gold-plated eyepins

8 5.5mm gold-plated jump rings

1 pair gold-plated earring wires

1 pair rubber earring backs

round nose pliers

flat nose pliers

bent nose pliers



Prepare the pom poms

First, insert a headpin into a medium pom-pom. Bend the tip at a 45° angle with the round nose pliers. Make a loop in the opposite direction of the bent angle. Round off the loop, then close it by tucking the end as close to the base of the loop as possible. Place the medium pom-pom aside.

Next, insert an eyepin into a small pom-pom. Make a loop at the tip of the eyepin in a similar fashion to the headpin on the medium pom-pom. Place the small pom-pom aside.

Connect the pom poms

First, open a jump ring with the flat nose and bent nose pliers. Attach the medium pom-pom to one side of the jump ring and another jump ring to the other side of the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

jump rings attached to medium pom-pom
jump rings attached to medium pom-pom

Next, open another jump ring. Attach the small pom-pom to one side of the jump ring and the medium pom-pom to the other side of the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

small pom-pom attached to medium pom-pom
small pom-pom connected to medium pom-pom

Attach the earring wire

Open another jump ring. Attach the earring to one end of the jump ring and the earring wire to the other end of the jump ring. Close the jump ring.

one pom-pom earring completed
one earring finished

Now that you have completed one earring, make the other one per the instructions above.

Here are my new earrings:


Wear your new earrings with rubber earring backs to prevent them from slipping off. Enjoy!

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