I’m crazy about braids and even crazier about Sugar ‘n Cream yarn. I wanted to create another colorful project with braids, so I decided to make a braided placemat.

braided placemat completed - front view
braided placemat


I love the texture and color of the placemat. It gives a warm, ethnic touch to any table setting.

I used leftover yarn from other projects to make the placemat. There are no rules regarding color combinations for the braids. You can use any color you like in any combination of nine strands.

The placemat took a couple of weekends to complete. It should take about an afternoon to make all the braids. The sewing will take another three days depending on how slow you sew.

You could make a few of these for your table place settings. Even better, make several of these as Christmas gifts for your family and friends. They will love them!

Braided Placemat


Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn in a variety of colors (approximately 1 skein/color, but use any scrap or leftover cotton yarn that you have first)

sewing thread or DK yarn (I just split the plies of the Sugar ‘n Cream yarn to create a ball of yarn with two strands)

a needle that works with the type of thread that you will use (i.e. if you are using sewing thread, then use a sewing needle; I used an embroidery needle)


tape measure

safety pins

Dimensions (approximate): 18-19″ long x 11″ wide


Make the braids

Cut 9 strands of yarn of approximately 30” each. Knot one end leaving a 2” tassel before the knot.

knot the strands before braiding
knot at one end of the bunched strands

Separate the strands below the knot into 3 groups of 3. Begin braiding the strands making certain that you keep the tension even.

begin braiding the strands
begin braiding the strands

Continue until there is approximately 3” of yarn left. Make a knot leaving a tassel of approximately 2”. Your braid should be between 17-18” long.

one braid completed for the braided placemat
one braid

Make 35 more braids around the same length. You should have a pile of braids that look like this:

braids for the braided placemat
a pile of braids

Pin the braids

Take a few braids and pin them together with the safety pins along the knots.

pin tasseled ends of braids together to begin forming a placemat
pin along the knots

Continue pinning the braids until you form a pinned placemat.

braids pinned together to form placemat
braids pinned together to form a placemat – back view

Sew the braids together

Begin sewing the braids together along the row just above the knots. Make certain that you sew underneath the ‘v’ of each braid of the row. When you get to the end of a row, skip a few rows and start sewing back in the opposite direction.

If you run out of thread, cut a new piece of thread and begin at the end of the new row. Continue sewing the braids together.

Finish the placemat

When you reach the opposite end of the placemat, make certain that the knots on that side are aligned together. You may have to take out the knots and adjust the length of the braids.

Sew the last row along the edge of the knots. When you reach the end, tie a knot at the edge. Cut the excess thread.

Clean up the placemat by trimming any excess pieces of thread sticking out. Hooray! You now have a braided placemat 🙂

Soak the placemat in a tub containing 1 tablespoon of vinegar diluted in water for about 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water, squeeze gently, roll in a towel, then allow to air dry flat.

I would love to know if you tried making this project. Please contact me through the Comments section below.

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Thanks for visiting!

Spinster Simone 🙂

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