I have scraps of t-shirt fabric left over from making t-shirt yarn. I really love making and wearing braided bracelets, so I’m going to show you how I made mine.

Here are the instructions.



3 strips of t-shirt fabric (my strips measured approximately 18″ each – you should use strips that will make a braid long enough to wrap around your wrist)

1 binder clip



Take the strips of t-shirt fabric and clip them together.


Braid the strips until there are a few inches left from the end.

Fold the braid in half.


Make a knot by wrapping one end of the braid around the other.

Loop the arched end around the knot.

Here is the braided bracelet on me:



Wear your braided bracelet with anything casual. I will be wearing mine with jeans and a top (of course).

Have you made jewelry out of scrap t-shirt fabric? Please let me know by posting in the Comments section below.

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